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Why Should You Build a Custom Home?

Often times we speak with home owners who ask us:

“Why should we build a custom home instead of just purchasing an existing home? 

More times than not, these inquires come from homeowners that have common misconceptions about costs, what a custom home builder actually does for them, and what they can and can’t customize.

 As you read along I hope we’re able to shed a little light on some of the main advantages of building a custom home in Madison, so you’ll be informed enough to decide which option of buying an existing home or building your custom home best fits your lifestyle.


Custom Home Built in Madison Mississippi

"A custom home is one you design, not a house someone is trying to fit you into."

At Magnolia Developments, every custom home we build is one of kind. We pride ourselves in not just building homes with the name “custom” in front of it, but homes that are customized for you and your family’s lifestyle.

“A custom built home isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is a great option for many.”

Custom Home Builder Madison, Ms

Custom Home Builder Madison, Ms

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Why Build Custom?

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What’s a “True” Custome Home Builder?

Something to keep in mind while looking through your options is that many builders around the Madison area claim the “custom home builder” title. However, very few of them actually deliver a true custom home building experience. Be sure when searching for a custom home builder in Madison that you ask your builder if he can customize each little detail you desire. A “pre-designed” home with just a few customization’s is not at all a true custom home. This type of home is perfect for many homeowners wanting to build, but for those looking for a more unique home built in a way to reflect yourself seem to move towards some of Madison’s trusted custom home builders like Magnolia Developments LLC.

Nothing that you don’t want, But everything you need!


Still asking why should you build custom? We believe that when you walk in your front door, your first thought shouldn’t be compromise. Every one of us has seen beautiful homes that we’d love if we could just add a few things here and there to make it our own. On the flip side, we’ve all walked into a home and thought “What in the world would this room be for?” 

Most times these homes lack the key features you truly want and provide the features you really don’t need. Just remember, that home was built specifically for another set of homeowners that might not have the same lifestyle or needs of your own.

When we say custom built home we mean – custom built for your family. From day one, your custom home from Magnolia Developments will include all of the wants and features you’ve always wanted in your custom dream home.

If by chance the first thing you think of when purchasing a pre-existing home is what all you’d have to remodel, then you’re likely far better off to consider building custom from the start!

Your perfect home,

in your perfect neighborhood


Ever been in the dilemma of finding the perfect neighborhood for you and your family, but couldn’t find a house that could fit all of your needs?

When you build custom in Madison it’s the best way to ensure you get EXACTLY the home you want in the neighborhood you love.

Magnolia Developments builds complete custom homes in many beautiful neighborhoods in Madison, Ms. We believe that when you make the decision to build your custom dream home, there’s no need to compromise on anything.

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You get the new

When you recieve your keys for the first time to your new home every single thing of your home is brand new! From the roof to the foundation, everything is new and any unwanted worries from “surprises” that may have come from purchasing a pre existing home are mitigated immediately!

Magnolia Developments builds exactly what you want with the added details custom tailored to you and your family’s lifestyle.

Adding to the brand new; We are focused on maximizing energy efficiency in all of our custom homes. Throughout Madison, homeowners have become more conscientious of their environmental footprint. We’ve seen an increase in requests for homes to be built with energy efficiency in mind, and we think that it’s great!

At Magnolia Developments, we implement the latest techniques and appliances that focus directly on creating the most home energy efficiency as possible.

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It’s no secret. Building a custom home just isn’t a solution for everyone. However, as you can see above, there are far more advantages to building a custom home in Madison then just having the “wow” factor!

If you’d like to see some examples of custom homes we’ve built for our past customers, reach out to Magnolia Developments by submitting a form or calling us directly.

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